First Aid Training

Trefriw Walkers are Welcome, as an organisation, is keen to support people who wish to improve their outdoor skills, especially outdoor first aid.


Trefriw Walkers are Welcome is now a full member of the Outdoor Partnership.  You can read more about them on their website – This means that people affiliated to us who wish to improve their skills by taking an O.P. course (such as first aid) can do so at the cost of just £20 a day. The two-day First Aid course can therefore be done for £40, rather than the full cost of over £100. (When you’re qualified you might like to join us for a walk at the Walking Festival in May!)

REC (Rescue Emergency Care) FIRST AID COURSE

We wish to encourage Trefriw villagers to keep their First Aid qualification in date, or perhaps to get one for the first time. This 2-day course, geared to the outdoors, leads to a qualification valid for 3 years.  The Outdoor Partnership  uses locally-based company  See this link to see what the Emergengy Outdoor First Aid course entails, etc.



  • Firstly email Tony ( to notify him that you’re going to apply for the course (simply so we can keep tabs on who’s doing what).
  • Then go to and follow the links to Volunteers/training > How to book a course , which will show you which steps to take. However, they are repeated here below, with additional notes to help you, so please read on. (It’s actually more straightforward than it first appears):

Step 1  –  Contact your Local Outdoor Activities Development Officer (OADO) to discuss your eligibility for funding.

Our OADO is Roger Pierce, who has advised us throughout.  Simply email him at (or ring him on 07701 004816) and tell him that you’re affiliated to Trefriw Walkers are Welcome, and that you’ll be applying for the R.E.C. First Aid course.  It’s a formality, but will ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible for all parties concerned.  He’ll tell you to go ahead.

Step 2  –  Check availability and dates of course

    • For First Aid, go to and select the  two-day Emergengy Outdoor First Aid course

Step 3  –  Download and complete the Outdoor Partnership booking form.                              

This form can be downloaded from the OP website; it’s at the bottom of Volunteers/training > How to book a course (i.e. here). It’s a Word document, so please fill it in electronically (including your signature, which you can just type). On the form, where it asks for the ‘Outdoor Club’, enter ‘Trefriw Walkers are Welcome’.

Step 4  –  Pass the form to your club’s chairperson/secretary for countersignature.

Email your form to Kim, our Secretary, at
(She will also make a copy for our record keeping.)

Step 5  –  Return the booking form to the Outdoor Partnership Coach Education Officer – by post or email,  along with cheque or bank transfer

Once we’ve received your application and Kim has countersigned it, she will email it back to you. You should then send it to the Outdoor Partnership, together with the payment (i.e. £40 for the two-day course).

  • The address to send it to is:  The Outdoor Partnership Coach Education Officer, Bwthyn Carnedd, Plas y Brenin, Capel Curig, Conwy LL24 0ET   –    (email:

Step 6 – Book on your course with the provider as normal, and ask them to invoice the Outdoor Partnership.

Now YOU must book your place on the course (see step 2, above). When booking your place, remember to inform them that they should invoice the Outdoor Partnership for the cost of the course.

N.B. In the case of 1firstaid1, their on-line booking form asks for payment of the full fee (not the discounted rate), so do not use that. Instead, having checked dates and availability on their website (, download a special booking form here and email it to together with a short message just to say that you’re with Trefriw Walkers are Welcome. (If you have any query, you can also ring Jonathan Collins on 07738 288552.)

Step 7  –  After attending an O.P. course

After you have attended the course you will need to complete the Outdoor Partnership evaluation form. This is downloadable from   >  Volunteers/training >  How to book a course



(also viewable at – )

The Outdoor Partnership asks that any person who has booked a place on any of their Coach Educational courses or mentoring workshops, and is unable to attend, should inform their local Outdoor Activity Development Officers (i.e. Roger Pierce) within 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course/workshop.

IMPORTANT – Please note that any person cancelling without adequate warning (within 4 weeks) or who fails to attend any course/workshop will not be able to reclaim their course fee and will be asked to pay the remaining cost of the course incurred by the Outdoor Partnership. 

It should also be noted that attendance of their training and mentoring courses is dependent upon the Outdoor Partnership receiving both a signed Coach Education and Mentoring course application form and course payment.

Please note that if you cancel, and fees are payable, these will NOT be covered by Trefriw Walkers Are Welcome – YOU will be asked to cover this cost.


If you have any further queries, please contact Tony  ( and we’ll try and help you!


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