Walk gradings

Walk Gradings:

If you know Trefriw and the surrounding area, you’ll know that there is not much in the way of flat ground around here. Unless we leave the village along the river bank, in the words of the song, “The only way is up!”

The gradings we use are fairly self explanatory when combined with the walk description and the stated distance:

Easy =  a shorter walk with easy terrain, usually less than 5 miles

Moderate =  a medium length walk which may contain some shorter steeper slopes and uneven ground; this grade sits between ‘easy’ and ‘strenuous’

Strenuous =  a longer walk which will likely have steeper and rougher sections,  usually over 9 miles

Strenuous (High) Mountain =  a long walk with a lot of ascent and descent;  involves some continuous mountain terrain walking on less defined paths


Sometimes walks will straddle categories, such as “easy/moderate” or “moderate with a couple of short strenuous sections”.

Sometimes walks will be qualified, as in “mostly strenuous but leisurely”. (Most of our walks will have a leisurely pace.)

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