Local Walking books

If you enjoy walking in the Trefriw and Conwy Valley area, you might also enjoy these local walking books :



Walking in the Conwy Valley, by Carl Rogers

book2    Walks in the Conwy Valley (Walks with History),  by Christopher Draper

book3Conwy Valley (Carreg Gwalch Best Walks), by Llywarch ap Myrddin

book6                  Conwy Valley/Eastern Snowdonia (Birds, Boots and Butties)       by Ruth Miller

book4The Conwy Valley Way,, by David Berry


Bus and Rail Walks in and Around the Conwy Valley
by Dorothy Hamilton

                    book7Walks Around Betws-y-Coed & the Conwy Valley, by David Berry

book8Walk in the Beautiful Conwy Valley, by Ralph Maddern

                                                                              book10Walks in and Around Trefriw, by Tony Ellis

book11Longer Rounds from Trefriw, by Tony Ellis


Café Walks around Trefriw and Northern Gwydir, by Tony Ellis

                                                                                     book13Walks Through the Ages around Trefriw, by Tony Ellis


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