The following are some of the comments we have received following the last Walking Festival in 2019:

“This was our third year at your festival, and we’re still perplexed as to how a small place like Trefriw can year on year stage the best Walking Festival we have ever attended. Keep on doing what you do!” – Peter, May 2019

“First of all let me thank you for organising another super walking festival which has now become a highlight of May. I always look forward to it and this year’s was no exception. …. It was a challenging walk and I have derived an enormous sense of satisfaction because at 72 I had not envisaged that I would do such a walk again but the walking festival proved me wrong. Both leaders were first class and so well informed I could have listened to them for hours. … An amazing day.” – Rosemary, May 2019

“Having just looked at all the superlative comments from the 2018 Festival, I can confirm that the great commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteer organisers, quality of walk leaders and the general welcome and hospitality received was well and truly maintained to the full this year.” – Norman, May 2019

“It was another fab three days. The range on the walks programme was so varied … It was lovely catching up with familiar faces and getting to know new people … A huge thank you to you, the committee, the walks’ leaders and all the other volunteers who put time, effort and enthusiasm into a very special walking festival.” – Sue, May 2019

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in putting such an amazing programme together – I wanted to do all the walks as they all sounded fabulous … Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the team for everyone’s hard work … Your love of the beautiful part of the country you live in and your generosity of spirit and energy in sharing it with others like me is fantastic.” – Annie, May 2019

“A fantastic walk, both informative and entertaining. Beautiful views and stunning bluebell woods.” – Baz, May 2019

“Great communication with my booking when I had to add (then cancel!) a place for my other half. … I really enjoyed the walk; the leaders were very knowledgeable.” – Sarah, May 2019

“Mindfulness Walk completed. I feel refreshed like I’ve just got out of the shower.”

“A lovely, really well organised festival again. Many thanks again.” – Jacky, May 2019

“What an amazing day I had! Our group leaders were fantastic and so inspiring, as was the whole group, from all walks of life. Thank you for a wonderfully set up Walking Festival.” – Corinna, May 2019

“The walk was truly excellent, really well led and very enjoyable.”

“A lovely walk, companionship and charming leaders.” – Stephen & Barbara, May 2019

“A fantastic day’s walking … We’ll be back next year.” – Andrew & Iona, May 2019

“A fantastic walk! Wonderful paths, views, and a really memorable day. The walk leaders were great company!” –  Pam & Rogg, May 2019

“Thank you so much for a special 3 days of walking.”

“A great day out with good company and good leaders.” – Paul, 2019

“Walking through the bluebells was just fantastic!”

“This was our first Trefriw Festival, and we absolutely loved our walk. It was well organised and the leaders were so friendly. We will definitely be returning.”

“I hope this festival carries on for many years.”

“A fantastic walk with, as ever, brilliant leaders – well informed, inclusive, and they pitched the pace just right. An excellent and well thought-out route, taking in magnificent scenery and different terrains.”

“Our first visit to TWF, and we thoroughly enjoyed the walk. … Will visit again and again.”

“A really well organised walking festival. Was great to find someone at the car park to help us, and the toilets there were open early, and immaculate. … A thoroughly enjoyable walk. Hope to get back next year.”

“The walk was fantastic. Thank you to our walk leaders who had a fantastic attitude. The whole event was well planned and run. Thanks to all involved.”

“It was a brilliant walk, a great group, and fantastic leaders. Can’t wait for next year.” – Louise & Carolyn, May 2019

“As always, a wonderful Festival, including new, exciting things to do. I’ll be back.” – Chris, May 2019

(To my 6 walk leaders over the 3 days) – “What a WONDERFUL gift you have given to this group of happy walkers!”

“Great walks, great leaders, great views – a great weekend!  Thank you.” – Baz, May 2019

“What a fantastic day we’ve had. Our first walking festival and it won’t be our last. … Thank you to the organisers. It’s a mountain of work but we really appreciate it.” – Angela & Stuart, May 2019

“Our leaders were an entertaining duo, making the walk informative, lively and very interesting.” – Pam & Rogg, May 2019

“Thank you to all involved with running this fab festival. See you next year.” – Sue, May 2019

“Thanks to the walking festival I’ve been to the top of Snowdon, seen rare Alpine plants, had views and vistas of the mountains, and seen bluebell-covered valleys and mysterious woodlands. Fantastic experiences.” – Annie, May 2019

“The walks were perfectly organised and accompanied by the nicest walkers.” – Hilde & Erik, May 2019

Fred Dillion, a Trefriw resident, felt sufficiently inspired to write a poem. You can read it here.

Some comments from 2018:

“Belatedly, a huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to put on such a fantastic 3 days. A brilliant programme of walks/activities, dedicated leaders and such a warm welcome from the team in the village hall. It goes without saying that the Cake Fest was truly magnificent.”  – Sue & Annie, June 2018

“A magnificent festival; totally exceeded my expectations. A wonderful variety of walks on offer. Professionally run. Thank you to all concerned. A total triumph. Our first year, but it won’t be our last.” – Rich, May 2018

“A wonderful experience discovering this beautiful area of Wales. Usually we go to Tenerife for the Walking Festival at this time of year, but we loved it so much here we’ll be back.” – Angie & Mike, May 2018

“We have had yet another fabulous Trefriw experience. Excellent leaders and well-planned, interesting walks. We have made some great contacts and new friends. Thank you all.” – Chris & Shaun L., May 2018

“We’ve had 3 great days of walking and in good company. As ever, the walk guides were knowedgeable and welcoming. This is a fantastic area for walking, but is made all the better when the history and context are explained.” – Pete & Margaret  S., May 2018

“Thank you so much for the fab walks.” – Vanjee, May 2018

“Really enjoyed the festival. Went on three wonderful walks.” – Delyth, May 2018

“A splendid walk, beautiful scenery, and lots of interesting info shared with us. A lovely group. Great leaders too, and the Village Hall team are so welcoming.” – Delyth, May 2018

“A fabulous festival. The best one we’ve been to. Thank you so much all of you – brilliant organisation. I hope you’re all resting this week! See you next year.”  –  Jane M., May 2018

“Another great, brilliantly organized festival. Well done everyone. Thanks.”  –  Nicki W., May 2018

“Best one yet! Super organisation. So friendly and helpful. And cake!”  –  Phil M., May 2018

“Brilliant weekend, very well organised and everyone so friendly, with lovely gluten free cakes at the end. See you next year.”  –  Eurgain J., May 2018

“Wonderful people. Superb organisation. Excellent and well-informed leaders.” – Mimi W., May 2018

“I had a magical weekend. Thanks for letting me do a couple of wanders. It all seemed beautifully organised and very slick. I doff my cap to you all.” – Pete K. (walk leader), May 2018

Some comments from 2017:

“I want to thank everyone concerned, in particular the walk leaders on our two days.  Thanks also to all the team back in the Hall who gave us such a warm welcome for the start of the weekend and the magnificent Cake Fest at the end of it!  I enjoyed everything – the opportunity to walk such beautiful terrain and to learn about the history and heritage of the area, to meet people with similar interests and a love of the countryside, and above all to have been part of this Walking Festival which has the right balance of being small scale but challenging.”   –    Jenny C., May 2017

“A huge thank you to everyone involved in the planning and execution of the Trefriw walking festival. As a participant for the first time it was very enjoyable.  A range of walks for all abilities starting from the village hall where welcome cups of tea and coffee were available. Interesting and enthusiastic leaders and walkers, and the grand finale of cakes. All of this in the most beautiful countryside.  Best wishes and thank you.”   –   Sally H., May 2017

“It was a brilliant three days.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in making the event such a success. A great choice of walks and other activities, excellent leaders, friendly committee, and I loved the way the hall was decked out. Happy walking and see you in 2018.”  –  Sue L., May 2017

“The walking festival was a delight to be in, everyone was so welcoming, it was very well organised and the walks were very enjoyable with excellent guides.”  –  Linda R., May 2017

“I’d seen all the posters around, and I’m glad to hear the Festival went well. I’ve got to say that I hugely admire what you do, that you as a village can stage such an impressive event.” – Carwyn ap M., June 2017

… and some recent comments about our website:

“That’s a nicely designed website you’ve got! Some first-rate photos and it’s very easy to navigate – the photos give a good first impression of what’s in store and the descriptions are just the right length to be usefully informative, so you can dip in and out. Better still my iPhone can handle it without it freezing.” – Matt L., February 2018

“I’m very impressed with your website, by the way – that must have taken a lot of work. And – unlike so many others – mobile-friendly.” – Glyn D., February 2018

“This is one of the most logical websites that I’ve been on! Questions that were popping into my head were being answered by the next click of my mouse – If only every website was this simple and easy to navigate around!” – Tom H., May 2018


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