The walks graded by length – 2019

(Distances are approximate, but will serve as a useful guide.)

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Mindfulness Walk (Friday) – 2 miles easy
The Dawn Chorus (Saturday) – 3 miles easy
Family Forage (Sunday) – 3 miles – easy/leisurely
Roots, Shoots and Leaves (Friday)- 4 miles – easy
Lanes and Lakes (Hike and eBike) (Saturday)- 4 miles moderate
Statements in Stone (aka Graveyard Watch) (Sunday)- 5 miles easy/moderate
Rocks and Rituals (Friday)- 5 miles moderate/leisurely
Cwm Idwal – A special place (Saturday)- 6 miles moderate/leisurely
Navigation Skills (Sunday)- 6 miles easy/moderate
Two Lakes Loop (Sunday)- 6.5 miles moderate
Backpack and Paddle (Friday)- 7 miles moderate/leisurely
Pen y Gaer to the Sea (Sunday)- 8 miles moderate/strenuous
Snowdon Earlybird (Friday)- 8 milesstrenuous high mountain
Views from the High Gwydir (Sunday) – 9 miles – moderate
River Deep, Mountain High (Friday) – 9.5 miles – moderate
Mines and Minerals (Sunday) – 9.5 miles – moderate
Cuckoo Country (Saturday) – 10 miles – moderate
The Eigiau Horseshoe (Saturday) – 10 miles – strenuous high mountain
Dolgarrog Disaster (Friday) – 10.5 miles moderate/strenuous
Roman Roaming (Saturday) – 11 miles – moderate
The Crafnant Horseshoe (Saturday) – 11 miles strenuous mountain
Ogwen and Capel Round (Saturday & Sunday) – 12 miles + 9 miles strenuous/moderate

Pot Luck walks (all 3 days), following Trefriw Trails or the Legends Trail, range from 1 – 9 miles in length.


Walk Gradings:

Easy =  a shorter walk with easy terrain, less than 5 miles
Moderate =  a medium length walk which may contain some shorter steeper slopes and uneven ground; this grade sits between ‘easy’ and ‘strenuous’
Strenuous =  a longer walk which will likely have steeper and rougher sections,  usually over 9 miles
Strenuous High Mountain =  a long walk with a lot of ascent and descent;  involves some continuous mountain terrain walking on less defined paths


Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before attending any of the walks.

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