The walks graded by length – 2017

(Distances are approximate, but will serve as a useful guide.)

Spring Flowers  (Friday)  1m

Cakewalks  (Sunday)    1.5m or 2.5m

Yoga/Mindfulness walk   (Friday)   2m

Earlybird   (Saturday)  3m

Family Nature Walk   (Saturday)  3.5m

Geirionydd Gambol  (Friday)   4m

Princess’ Trail  (Saturday)    5m

Two Classic Lakes   (Saturday)  6m

Photography Walk  (Saturday)   6.5m

Natural History   (Sunday)   7m

Landscapes of the Past   (Sunday)    7m

Betws to Trefriw  (Friday)      7.5m

Navigation Skills   (Sunday)   8m

The Sleeping Lady   (Sunday)   8m

The New Legends Trail  (Friday)   9m

Owl of Cwm Cowlyd   (Saturday)  10m

Old Tramways   (Friday)   10m

Eigiau Horseshoe  (Saturday)    10m

Three Rivers    (Sunday)  10m

Ten Lakes   (Saturday)  15m

A choice of 20 walks! Rhywbeth i bawb!